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Top PROTEIN BOOSTING tips – Breakfast

Boosting protein intake often comes up for me in consultation. Sometimes this is because a person’s current diet is a bit low in protein, as many people’s are, or because upping protein intake is particularly important to meeting someone’s health goals. Often we rely on meals that are very carb heavy and by increasing our protein intake we can make our meals more filling and can help balance our blood.

Breakfast is a logical place to start when looking at protein, not only because it is the first meal of the day, but also because for many people it is pretty much devoid of protein. You can often up your protein intake at breakfast by simply tweaking your current food options, or you can choose to take a more radical departure. I hope you enjoy my suggestions below.

1. Adapting current meal choices – think sprinkling nuts and seeds on porridge, making your own muesli that is high in nuts and seeds (if you would like some ideas here, please COMMENT), swapping in yoghurt instead of milk, topping toast with nut butter or a poached egg instead of jam.

2. A bigger departure might be to opt for a healthy cooked breakfast (poached egg, baked beans, dollop of hummus, served alongside perhaps mushrooms, sliced avocado, rye bread), eat some protein-rich homemade cereal bars (please COMMENT if you would like some ideas) alongside a yoghurt-based smoothie, or cook up an omelette.

3. Or forgot the English idea of breakfast entirely and heat up some bean and veggie soup, or some left over casserole, poach some fish or have a cold meat salad.

If you would like more detail on any of the suggestions please do COMMENT. Please do LIKE and SHARE

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