Supporting mental wellbeing for families

If you or a member of your family are struggling with mental wellbeing, you may already think that you could be using your diet to support your health better. Most of us know that certain foods don’t make us feel so good or you may have a niggling feeling that those ongoing digestive issues maybe affecting your mood.

What you may be trying to grapple with is the motivation to make changes – understanding a little bit about the science behind food-mood links can help turn niggling feelings into a commitment to make changes. Alternatively, you may be so short of time you are finding it hard to work out what would be the most relevant changes to you or how to fit these into your busy family life.

Through nutrition coaching together we can work out how nutrition can meet your goals and I can support you through the process of making sustainable changes. Let’s get started!

Book a 20 minute discovery call to identify 3 ways to better support your mood

Good food supporting mental wellbeing

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 “I really enjoyed my nutritional therapy with Zoe.”

“The results greatly surpassed my expectations”
“Zoe showed great interest, professionalism and compassion in assessing my overall health situation”
“Zoe helped to make everything clear and very easy to follow with recipes that suited my busy lifestyle as a working mum”
“Zoe helped to make everything clear and very easy to follow with recipes that suited my busy lifestyle as a working mum”

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