Growing bodies, feeding brains

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist. I work with families to support children’s health through nutrition. My own children have passed through various ages and stages in different ways, and are a constant reminder of how individual we all are – a complex mix of our genes and our environments. Even siblings will interact with their shared home in a different way and so encounter different experiences. There is a lot of “mummy guilt” flying around and it can be helpful to remember that there is no one perfect way. Nutrition has helped support me and my family through many various health issues – some niggling, others more impactful. I see Nutrition knowledge as a tool, something to use to support the health of my family and this is what I want for other parents – to be empowered!

When I work with you, you will have regular contact with me. My experience in clinic has taught me that sending you off with a diet sheet and asking you to report back in 4 weeks is not providing a busy parent with the support needed to make meaningful changes. Therefore, my recommendations will be introduced at a manageable pace through regular coaching sessions so that we can work together on your goals. I would love to speak to you Call me to find out more!

Book a 20 minute discovery call to identify 3 ways to better support mood

Good food supporting families

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 “I really enjoyed my nutritional therapy with Zoe.”

“The results greatly surpassed my expectations”
“Zoe showed great interest, professionalism and compassion in assessing my overall health situation”
“Zoe helped to make everything clear and very easy to follow with recipes that suited my busy lifestyle as a working mum”
“Zoe helped to make everything clear and very easy to follow with recipes that suited my busy lifestyle as a working mum”

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