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Programs for women.  

In my programs I partner with you to help you meet your health goals…


Creating manageable steps to reduce overwhelm and supporting your motivation to keep going. I promise you will not be told to eat foods you don’t like or expected to spend hours cooking if you just don’t have the time! My advice is science-based and tailored to you, taking you out of the tailspin of what to do next.

Essential Woman

  • Taking a detailed health history, reviewing past test results and any current supplements
  • Plan of key diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Specific food and recipe suggestions, taking into account likes and dislikes, time, cooking skills etc.
  • Monthly coaching to support you in making changes to your diet and lifestyle
  • Recommendations for testing (as appropriate)
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations (as appropriate)

Advanced Woman

  • As Essential but with contact approximately every fortnight
  • More regular contact supports motivation and helps to manage motivation dips
  • Helps to drip-feed in changes to reduce overwhelm
  • Allows speedy adjustment of recommendations and problem-solving of any issues

Ultimate Woman

  • As Advanced but with weekly contact and also email support
  • Weekly coaching provides regular accountability to support quicker progress towards your goal
  • Actions can be chunked into truly bitesize portions

Well woman MOT testing.

This testing package can be used as a standalone ‘MOT’ or as the start…


This testing package can be used as a standalone ‘MOT’ or as the start of a coaching program with me.

The package includes a detailed health history, food diary analysis, and a comprehensive blood test (Omnos Wellness 360 Woman)*. The blood test gives us useful data on your health, providing a sex hormone profile and indications of a wide range of conditions.

Following testing you will be provided with specific diet and lifestyle suggestions and nutritional supplement recommendations (as appropriate), as well as any areas where further testing is recommended.

*excludes phlebotomy

Lifecodegx nutrigenomics testing

We are all individuals and some really useful information is…

We are all individuals and some really useful information is hidden in our genes. Nutrigenomics is not about using genetics to try to predict our future but instead looks at what diet and lifestyle changes might better support our own individual genetics. We can’t change our genes but we can change the environment that our genes interact with.
I am trained to recommend, interpret, and support nutrigenomics testing by Lifecodegx
Lifecodegx produces various reports that each focus on specific areas This allows you to gain detailed information that is relevant to your area of interest including, for example, hormones, the nervous system, detoxification. I can recommend which report(s) would be most appropriate to your goals, interpret the reports, and work with you to create an action plan.
To find out more I would love you to book in for a chat.

Teen Diet & Health Review

60 minute fact-finding session followed by review of health and dietary information…

  • Fully researched report including:
    • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
    • Testing recommendations
    • Review of supplements
    • Recipe recommendations
  • 60 minute follow-up session to discuss recommendations and initial steps in implementing
  • Follow-on programs available


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