Personalised Nutrition

To help you change how you eat on a long term basis it is important to go beyond simply applying science and providing information

 I like to work with families who wish to use nutrition to support their mental wellbeing.

Without support at times we can all struggle to turn our niggling feelings and ideas into concrete actions. More and more nutrition information is out there but wading through it to find what is most relevant to you and creating a solid plan can be a different matter.

Sometimes everyday life is so overwhelming, adding one more thing to the ‘to do’ list isn’t possible or it is hard to sustain your plan as you trip through the challenges of family life.

Of course nutrition coaching does include some giving of information but it is also important to go beyond this. It’s about identifying your goals and challenges and together creating a plan of action. I will then work with you so that you feel supported enough to put your plan into place.

I am a qualified Nutritionist who offers nutrition coaching in clinic (Eastbourne) and, via Zoom or phone.



Nutrition support packages start from £350 for a 12 week program


An initial 12 week program will include a detailed health and diet factfind, recommendations tailored to you, and support to implement these changes into your life.  In addition, I may recommend nutritional supplements or testing (GP or private). 

The consultations de-mystify the science and provide practical advice in a supportive way.

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